Our Team

Joanne Chemaly (Founder and Chairperson)

Joanne has taken on various roles within Hout Bay over the last few years and has been actively involved in various disaster relief efforts; including the assistance offered to the victims of the capsized Miroshga in 2012, the Hout Bay Mudslides and flooding in 2013 and the massive Cape Town fires of 2014.

She holds a management position within the corporate financial industry by day, is a mother of 2 and when disaster strikes, heads up this incredible team of dedicated individuals to offer assistance during the communities time of need.

Joanne’s motto to live by is “this too shall pass” a phrase adopted from her Grandfather, who in his wisdom realised nothing, no matter how fantastic or devastating will last forever.

Anthony Chemaly (Vice Chair)

Anthony has been actively involved in the Hout Bay community since he moved there in 2006; from Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch Chairperson to an active trainee reservist for 5 years, he has spent many hours assisting the community and working towards a better, safer neighbourhood for all.

He is General Manager of an international risk audit and company. As a father of 2 young children, Anthony has recently began working with a group called “Boys to Men” a mentorship programme for youth who may not have active role models or need some guidance.

Nosi Sodlandla (Vice Secretary/IY Community coordinator)

Nosi has grown up in a family who have always had a huge focus on the community and the needs, relief and assistance needing by those living in an informal housing area. Ever since she can remember she was joining her mom in assisting with food or clothing distributions in time of need.

Living in IY Nosi is in touch with the very real daily challenges that face a community without all the necessary infrastructure, often effected by seasonal flooding and a number of housing fires every year.

Nosi is a mother of 4 gorgeous young children who are the light and love of her life and so it comes as no surprise that Nosi has a passion for working with young children and volunteers with various community initiatives to facilitate education, homework and afterschool care.

Jacobus Matthews (Secretary/Hangberg Community coordinator)

Born and Bred in Hout Bay Pastor Matthews has seen Hout Bay grow over the years and has many, many stories to tell about the power of mother nature that often challenge the community with flood, fire or ocean related disasters.

Jacobus is a devoted father of 2 and dedicated to community involvement in various forms, including the role of trauma councillor, community policing member and co-founder of a day care facility for the children of Hangberg. A pillar of the Hangberg community Jacobus has a great passion for improving the lives of this and the next generation and encouraging the community to face the socio-economic issues with a united front.

Louise van Bala (Treasurer)

Louise is the bean counter in the team, she’ll ensure that all the funds donated and present and accounted for. Louise is also a Hout Bay resident and made Hout Bay her stomping ground.

Professionally employed in the financial field Louise has offered her service to bettering the community, as well as the corporate world for a number of years.

Louise is a mother of 2 boys and enjoys spending time in her home town of Hout Bay with family and friends and takes an active interest in community upliftment initiatives such as the Hout Bay Women’s League.

Get involved

Whether you are a passionate volunteer or a corporate company seeking to invest in corporate and social responsibility, we invite you to be a part of our impactful journey. Together, we can bring positive change to the lives of those in need and contribute to a brighter future for Hout Bay and beyond.