Relief Work 2015

Fire IY 8th November

Since our inception, Thula Thula has been committed to providing immediate assistance and relief to communities affected by devastating fires. Our journey began less than four weeks after starting the organization when we received a call on November 8th, 2015. A fire had broken out in Iziyami Yethu, the fire and rescue teams where on scene battling a fire that destroyed a number of homes.  This was our first introduction to the community and an opportunity to demonstrate the impact of our vision and mission in action. We swiftly responded and provided aid to over 200 residents who had been impacted by the fire.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again only one week later. An early morning fire engulfed several homes in Madiba Square, leaving over 250 residents in need of assistance. With unwavering dedication, we immediately attended to their needs, offering support during their time of crisis. Within the same month, we were called to assist two families in Hangberg who had lost everything in another devastating fire.

As the year progressed, we were called upon once again to respond to a fire in Iziyami Yethu. This time, the fire claimed the life of a young lady named Babalwa Ntlapo. Our hearts go out to her family, who lost a beloved mother, sister, daughter, and friend. It is a somber reminder of the tragic consequences of these all-too-frequent fires in informal housing areas.

As the year unfolded, we faced yet another heart-breaking incident. On the evening of December 26th, a massive fire ravaged through the area of Xola Square. The fire was particularly devastating, as many residents were away for the holiday season and the windy conditions fuelled its rapid spread. Over the next three days, our team worked tirelessly to register over 1000 fire victims and mobilized our efforts to provide relief on the largest scale we had encountered thus far.

In just three short months, we provided assistance to over 1500 people who had lost their homes and belongings. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support we received from the community. The willingness of many to lend a helping hand and volunteer their time and services when given the opportunity was truly inspiring. The response from volunteers exceeded all expectations in terms of their dedication and generosity, and we are profoundly grateful for their invaluable contributions.

Throughout that year, we learned valuable lessons that enabled us to enhance our systems and processes. We improved our registration system and streamlined our sorting, packing, and distribution procedures. In the final two months of 2015 alone, we successfully offered relief to over 470 people, thanks to the unwavering support of those who believed in our mission. Volunteers travelled from far and wide, including Muizenberg, Fishhoek, and Constantia, to lend their support. We extend our deepest gratitude to The Rotary Club Hout Bay, Asad and his team at BP Hout Bay, Simon and his team from Hout Bay Super Spar, Blue Ribbon, JAM Nutrition, Oakhurst qwik Spar, Pick n Pay Hout Bay, Stratdev Global, the Save Foundation, as well as the children from Rainbow Dreams Trust and Hout Bay International School. They were among the many who generously volunteered their time to pack and sort items for distribution.

These experiences have profoundly shaped our organization, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing immediate relief and support to those affected by fires. We are grateful to all who have believed in us and shared our vision. Together, we can make a significant difference and offer hope to those facing unimaginable challenges.

Relief Work 2015