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Installing fire detection devices

Lumkani, a locally designed proactive fire detection mechanism, is revolutionizing fire safety in communities. This innovative device is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect rapid temperature changes, promptly alerting residents to potential fire hazards. What sets Lumkani apart is its ability to not only notify the residents but also send SMS alerts to neighbouring residents within a 60-meter radius, ensuring that everyone in the community is informed and can take necessary precautions.

Recognizing the importance of proactive fire prevention, Lumkani partnered with Thula Thula to make a significant impact in Iziyami Yethu (IY). Together, they identified 700 vulnerable homes in the community to receive these life-saving heat detection devices. By installing Lumkani devices, Thula Thula and Lumkani aim to enhance fire detection capabilities and empower residents to respond swiftly to potential fire emergencies, minimizing the devastating effects on homes and lives.

To introduce this ground-breaking technology and installation process to the residents of Zola Square, an area that has experienced the devastating impact of two fires earlier this year, a community meeting was organized. The meeting provided an opportunity for Clive from Lumkani to engage with the residents, explaining the features and benefits of the Lumkani device. With an impressive demonstration, Clive showcased how this technology can revolutionize fire safety and provide peace of mind for the community.

Through this collaboration between Lumkani, Thula Thula, and the residents of IY, the proactive fire detection system is set to make a lasting difference in preventing fire-related tragedies. By equipping homes with Lumkani devices and raising awareness about fire safety, we strive to create a safer and more resilient community.


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