A number of times each year, fires across Hout Bay leave many residents with little more than the clothes on their backs. Thula Thula Hout Bay was started by a group of residents, who realised that there is a need to be more prepared to offer support when this inevitable tragedy strikes.

Our experience as community volunteers over the years, has shown us that there is a great need for not only centralised and coordinated collections and distributions, but also very importantly, residents who generously offer support and donations, want to know that their contributions have been given to those in need!! Those who are affected by these tragedies need the support provided to be distributed fairly and as soon as possible.

Thula Thula Hout Bay aims to proactively prepare for disaster relief in partnership with residents, business and retailers.


Thula Thula Hout Bay are a group of local residents representing all 3 demographical areas of Hout Bay. Collectively we have 46 years of experience assisting the Hout Bay community with various relief efforts at times of fire, flood and ocean related disasters.

Over these years we have realized a desperate need for:
• A more proactive and prepared approach to assisting the victims
• A more timeous distribution of donations
• A fair distribution system ensuring donations reach those affected
• An accountable and transparent utilization and management of the donations and contributions given by residents, retailers and corporations

Consolidate, coordinate and proactively prepare to assist victims of disasters To partner with residents, business and retailers to create a centralized collections area, allowing us to provide transparent and accountable  relief allowing us to coordinate and facilitate fair and even distribution To engage with the victims ensuring that those affected receive timeous, relevant relief  as fair as we are able to offer, avoiding opportunistic collection by those who are not affected

Thula Thula NPC (Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2016/014018/08  / Registration date:  14 January 2016
Registered Address: 1A Day Road, Hout Bay 7806