Since the devastating fire on March 11th in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, a core group of volunteers have spent their days, registering victims, planning and then rallying support from community volunteers to execute deliveries for more than 10 000 victims left destitute and homeless.

Our first three mass deliveries were to disseminate critical crisis packs that included bedding, toiletries, clothing, shoes, baby essentials and sanitary items.

Between mass deliveries a small team was consistently running smaller essential deliveries to those in dire need. We also ensured that children staying in the tenet on the sports field in Hout Bay while structures are erected received toys, enjoying their smiles as they played was something of a highlight amidst the mayhem of this crisis.
On Saturday 8th April, with the help of a generous community in the form of donations, monetary donations and hands on assistance as volunteers, we successfully completed our fourth mass delivery, after weeks of planning, to more than 1500 families. This fourth delivery involved careful planning and procurement of essential kitchen items.

Victims received:

  • 25l buckets filled with non perishable items.
  • Pots/pans
  • Crockery/ cutlery (including mugs and plates)
  • A wash bucket
  • Dish towels
  • Bedding
  • Baby essentials
  • An electronic kettle
  • A two plate electronic stove
  • A generous donor gave the option of a paraffin free, wood chip, clean cooking stove (non electrical) that will be delivered by the donor

A team of dedicated volunteers continued with efforts to deliver well past sunset in order to deliver to as many families affected by the fire as possible.

We are currently consolidating our efforts in order to make a fifth and final delivery of these goods in the next few weeks, after Easter Weekend.

Our hugest thanks goes out for the support and generosity of so many!